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Latest Hilti SJD 6-A22 Jigsaw Review 2023

Hilti jigsaw review are the power tools that are used for various cutting tasks and DIY projects. They are a must-have for professional wood-cutters and contractors. However, with various jigsaws available in the market, it often gets challenging to choose the best one.

Hilti is a trustworthy brand in the world of power tools. It has redefined excellence by manufacturing jigsaws that are reliable in terms of performance. In addition, their jigsaws are known for their accuracy in making cuts. 

  • Comfortable grip 
  • Manufactured with sheer precision 
  • Cordless with adequate power 
  • Less in weight

Hilti jigsaws and accessories are considered the best when it comes to professional power tools. Their quality is top-notch and is highly durable. 

This comprehensive guide meticulously provided you with the Hilti jigsaw review to spare you from any hassle to look for the best jigsaw.

A Thorough Hilti Cordless SJD 6-A22 Jigsaw Review 

Hilti is the go-to brand for professionals looking to get their job done right. They have everything from their power tool line-up and accessories to expert knowledge on what is needed for any job site.

It does not matter if you are a contractor or homeowner looking for a power tool or even one for a DIY project. Hilti has got everything that you require. Moreover, they have a qualified team with the skills to assist you at every turn of your project.

Distinguishing Features of Hilti jigsaw review

Hilti Jigsaw
  • Battery Power Type: Lithium-ion
  • Motor Type: Brushed
  • Voltage: 22V
  • Cutting Capacity: 150mm
  • Stroke Rate: 3000 SPM
  • Chuck System for Easy Blade Change
  • 3 Variable Speed
  • Ensures the Accurate Cuts
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We have summed up some of the distinctive characteristics of the Hilti jigsaw. They make it stand out in the pool of competitors and make it a worthy purchase.

1: Accuracy in Cuts

Hilti prides itself on manufacturing the jigsaw that can make clean cuts. The Hilti SJT 6-A22 is accurate and precise with its blade bending or flexing so that there are no plumb cuts. As a result, it can make cuts that would otherwise be impossible.

For example, it can bend in extremely complicated angles or extremely sharp curves. In addition, it offers precision and accuracy in cuts which makes it a favorable option in the world of power tools.

2: Powered Battery 

Hilti jigsaw’s battery packs enough juice to keep it going for a more extended period. The Hilti 22V battery powers the jigsaw. This potent and versatile tool can be used with a 2.6Ah or 8Ah battery, depending on your needs.

However, we recommend you go for the latter if you need longer runtime.

3: Stroke Rate 

The Hilti SJT 6-A22 offers a stroke rate of 3000 SPM with an impressive 1-3/32-inch length. Furthermore, this high-speed, mid-range saw has Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) that reduces hand fatigue and provides a better experience for the user.

4: Comfortable Grip 

The Hilti jigsaw comes with a T-grip handle. It is pretty comfortable to grip and gives you a better working experience. Moreover, it has a slide on/off button placed on the handle. It is handy and provides you with ease and convenience while working on your rigorous tasks.

5: Adjustable Speed 

The Hilti jigsaw review show most common impact. The tool comes with a dial that you can use to adjust your cutting speed. The variable-speed tool is a great way to get the perfect cut every time. Depending on what you’re working with, you can choose from low, medium, or high speeds and even change between orbital actions for different tasks. 

In addition, the orbital actions on this saw are also adjustable, and it can go to three positions.

6: Easy Blade Release Option 

The front of the jigsaw has an easy blade release, with one button that releases all locks and inserts blades for you. One of the most distinctive features of this jigsaw is easy blade adjustment. It allows you to insert blades without having to mess with levers or buttons.  

Also, to insert a blade, you have to push, and it will click and be locked in its place.

7: Dust Blower 

The Hilti SJT 6-A22 was designed with the sole motive of the smooth flow of work. Therefore, it has the incredible dust blower feature; it removes the debris and lets you see the cutting line with ease. It means there will be no hurdle, and you can seamlessly complete your task.

8: Versatile Accessories 

Hilti offers a wide range of accessories that you can use with this SJT 6-A22 saw. These include everything from drills and batteries to cable ties, all crafted with quality that you can rely on when working hard at your job site. 

Hilti jigsaw is undoubtedly one of the best jigsaws to use when it comes to top-notch performance. It is pretty powerful and easy to work with. Its long barrel handle is easy to control. The added length also means that you can get a better grip on this power tool.

Moreover, the run time is surprisingly long with its 2.6Ah battery, and it can even work with 2-3 hours’ worth of charge. 

The new cordless jigsaw SJD 6-A22 is the perfect tool for cutting and trimming.

9: Added Positive Facets

The new cordless jigsaw SJD 6-A22 is the perfect tool for cutting and trimming a wide variety of materials up to 150 mm thick. In addition, the variable speed dial allows users to set their desired speed without having any cords getting in the way.

It is also equipped with an LED light that can illuminate the cutting line for your ease. So it is perfect for working in tight quarters when visibility needs high precision guidance.

The power behind this fantastic innovation comes from Hilti’s latest Li-ion battery technology which offers more than just 3x longer runtime compared with NiMH batteries. It also provides more excellent charge storage so you can work uninterruptedly.

With its keyless quick connect system, you will be able to switch between different types of blades quickly. It allows more time spent on productive tasks rather than fumbling around looking for bits lost during the operation.

One cannot find any negative facet of this Hilti jigsaw review. With this tool at your hand, you can quickly finish your work with super comfortability and ease. It will not let you get fatigued, and its all-inclusive features have made this jigsaw a reliable purchase for your upcoming projects. 

The Final Takeaway of Hilti jigsaw review

The world of power tools is a difficult one to navigate. With so many different types and features, it can be challenging for amateurs to find the most appropriate tool. In this article, we have provided you with a detailed Hilti jigsaw review and given some valuable info.

Hilti SJD 6-A22 is one of the best power tool brands because it’s tough, smooth, and powerful.

The power of this tool shines through in all areas: from cutting through rigid materials like trees to metal pipes with ease.

It is pretty easy to handle because its lightweight construction does not weigh down your hands at all while remaining incredibly stable during use. As a result, it is the best buy for both professional craftsmen and amateurs.

If you want a power tool that is strong, powerful, and with super ergonomics, then the Hilti jigsaw is the one for you. 


1: Are Hilti jigsaws reliable for your projects?

Hilti is a renowned brand known for manufacturing quality jigsaws. They are the best that you can have for your various cutting projects. 

2: Is Hilti SJD 6-A22 cordless? 

Yes, this model is cordless, and it ensures that you can work with it without any hassles and hurdles during the operating session.

3: What are jigsaws used for?

These are the power tools utilized to cut into curves, shapes, wood, metal, and different stocks. These are the must-have tools for artisans and contractors. They can perform the cutting tasks with sheer precision.

4: What are the rules of using jigsaw safely?

Keep a firm grip on the handle of the jigsaw to avoid hurting yourself. Moreover, you should always turn off the power before backing out of a cut.

5: Which features make Hilti jigsaw stand out from the competitors?

Its powerful motor, easy-to-grip handle, substantial battery, and ability to make cuts with sheer precision are some of the features that make Hilti jigsaw distinguished from the pool of competitors.

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