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Is DDR5 Ram Worth It? The Thorough Answer! 

Originally released in 2018, the DDR5 Ram promises a lot. It also brings a lot of cool features to the table. For example, fast bandwidth which is always welcomed by gamers. However, its high price tags and also non-availability (at least for now) raise some big questions. That’s why many people ask, “Is DDR5 Ram Worth It?” 

On the other hand, DDR4 Ram keeps on impressing the majority with its bandwidth speed. So, should you upgrade to DDR5? Well, that’s tough to answer here. But, don’t worry; there is a lot to discuss on this topic. This detailed blog post has all the essential stuff that you need to know before upgrading to DDR5 ram. So, let us get into it!

Is DDR5 Ram Worth the Upgrade? What actually is DDR5 RAM? 

Is DDR5 Ram Worth the Upgrade? What actually is DDR5 RAM?

Before diving in any further, let us help you first understand what this RAM is all about. DDR5 RAM is the latest generation of computer memory technology released in 2021. 

It has double the bandwidth and capacity of its predecessor, DDR4 RAM, making it faster, more reliable, and more efficient when compared to older technologies. It also consumes less power than DDR4 RAM.  

Is DDR5 Ram Worth It? Some key Highlights 

Is DDR5 Ram Worth It? Some key Highlights 

Now, let us find explore some of the key highlights of this much-anticipated Ram. 

1: Price 

Price Is DDR5 Ram Worth It?

The price is the number one factor that every individual looks into before buying any memory stick. So, as of now, the DDR5 rams are quite expensive. On the other hand, the DDR4 rams are quite affordable now as they have been in the market since 2014. Therefore, we think it might take a year or so for DDR5 rams to be available at low prices. 

2: Availability 

Availability Is DDR5 Ram Worth It?

Though DDR5 rams are expensive, even if you plan to buy one, you will know that it is not easily available. Even in some regions, it’s not available at all. So, you may have to buy it from another country. This also raises the overall price. 

3: CPU and Motherboard Compatibility 

CPU and Motherboard Compatibility 

Brands like Intel and AMD have also realized the type that is out there regarding DDR5 Ram. So, now, many motherboards and even CPUs are available. But there is one downside. DDR5 ram is not backward compatible. That means you have to choose between DDR4 and DDR5. 

Intel 12th and 13th generation processors also support DDR5 ram. However, you can only install one type at a time. So, the decision here becomes quite tough. However, if you have the budget, we recommend going with the DDR5 rams, as it seems a future-proof option here. 

4: Bandwidth Speed 

Bandwidth Speed ddr5

The bandwidth speed here is the main thing that differentiates both these RAMs. The DDR5 Ram’s support much higher bandwidth speeds. This means they can carry more data within the same time frame. So, expects some solid performance from these Ram sticks. 

5: Future Upgradability 

Future Upgradability  DDR5

The DDR5 Ram is definitely future-proof. That’s because more and more people are getting used to it. But, father, its top-notch performance is something that Pc users can’t overlook. We recommend you should buy the motherboard that supports DDR5 ram. 

DDR5 Ram Vs DDR4 Ram – Some Key Differences 

DDR5 Ram Vs DDR4 Ram - Some Key Differences 

Now, let us find out some common differences between DDR5 and DDR4 Ram. Here are a few of them:  

i): Difference in Clock Speed 

Difference in Clock Speed 

The clock speed is the primary factor that differentiates both these Rams DDR5 RAM has a higher clock speed than DDR4 RAM, with speeds up to 5200 MT/s compared to the maximum speed of DDR4 RAM of 4266MT/s.  

ii): The Energy Efficiency Factor  

The Energy Efficiency Factor  

Like the CPU, the Ram also has to be energy efficient. However, even here, the DDR5 Ram takes the lead. That is because DDR5 RAM is more efficient than its predecessor due to improved architecture and faster cycle times. This leads to better power efficiency and improved performance.  

iii): Difference in Modular Size  

 Difference in Modular Size  

While the actual DDR5 RAM has double the capacity of DDR4 RAM, with a maximum module size of 128GB compared to the 64GB maximum for DDR4 RAM.  

iv): Memory Channels Difference   

Memory Channels Difference   

DdR5 RAM has four independent memory channels per DIMM versus two on a typical DDR4 DIMM. This increases bandwidth and improves system scalability.  

v): Better Latency Rate 

Better Latency Rate 

Both technologies include added error correction features to help guard against data corruption. However, DDR5 takes this one step further by adding extended page mode support that helps reduce latency while improving overall system stability and reliability. 

vi): Enhanced Signal-To-Noise Ratio 

Enhanced Signal-To-Noise Ratio 

The Signal-To-Noise Ratio also makes the DDR5 superior here. That’s because the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is also improved in DDR5 RAM compared to its predecessor, helping reduce interference and crosstalk between memory modules. 

vii):Difference of Operating Voltage Rating  

Difference of Operating Voltage Rating 

DDR5 RAM has a much lower operating voltage than DDR4, with 1.1V vs 1.2V, respectively. This helps reduce power consumption and improve overall system performance, making it an ideal choice for energy-efficient computing applications. 


If you are curious about the common questions people ask me, here is a list of my most frequently answered ones.

Q1: Is it worth it to buy DDR5 RAM? 

Ans: Yes, it is better to buy DDR5 rams instead of DDR4. The main reason here is the difference in overall performance. For example, DDR5 RAM has a much lower operating voltage than DDR4, with 1.1V vs 1.2V, respectively. 

Q2: Is DDR5 RAM good for gaming? 

Ans: Yes, the DDR5 is Ram is an excellent option for gaming. The lower operating voltage and high bandwidth make it an excellent option for gaming. 

Q3: Is 16GB of DDR5 enough for gaming? 

Ans: The 16Gb is the least required memory for playing any high-end video game. However, you can even run some titles with 8Gb of Ram. Note that the higher ram capacity enhances the overall gaming performance of any PC. 

Final Thoughts! 

So, now you know all about “is DDR5 Ram Worth it”? Well, it is worth it, for sure. That’s because DDR5 RAM is better than DDR4 RAM. DDR5 is faster, more efficient, can hold more data, and has four channels for data instead of one. This means that DDR5 can handle more information at once and is more reliable. 

On the other hand, DDR4 Ram is not all bad. It is just a matter of preference here. If you want the best speeds, DDR5 ram is for you. Whereas, for folks who are on a budget, the DDR4 Ram is a good option.  

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