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Top Rated Maffel Jigsaw Review 2023

Sometimes, getting a good jigsaw might get complicated. For example, not knowing what to look for in a jigsaw may lead to buying a jigsaw that is not fit for your needs. So, to help you in your endeavor to find an ideal pick, we dived deep into the world of best corded jigsaws and brought back the top-rated Maffel jigsaw reviews.

Our review is based on the following characteristics:
  • Ease of use
  • Portability
  • Efficient cuts
  • Convenience

So, let’s get to know what special do we get from the top pick:

Maffel P1cc Precision Jigsaw

Maffel P1cc Precision Jigsaw
Source: timberwolftools.com

After extensive research and in-depth analysis, we conclude that Maffel P1CC Precision jigsaw is the best offering by the brand. Following are some features this jigsaw offers:

i): Motor Strength

The Maffel P1CC precision jigsaw has a powerful 7-amp motor. It takes a voltage of 110 volts and a wattage of 900 watts. This solid and exceptional motor strength makes it useable to work on hard metals like aluminum and steel, as well as sturdy woods like plywood.

It has a brushless motor which means that it lasts longer and requires less maintenance. Furthermore, the cooling ducts are placed strategically to reduce heat and keep the motors cool and running for longer times.

ii): Blades

Maffel Blades
Source: timberwolftools.com

Maffel P1CC precision jigsaw uses T-shank round blades among other types of jigsaw blades. These blades are sharp and strong; hence they can cut any material.

In addition, the tool-less blade change option allows the user to remove the blades to change or maintain and clean.

iii): Battery

In addition to all this, Maffel P1CC has a lithium-ion battery. This battery has a long retention power and also charges faster than the generally used alkaline batteries.

This long-lasting battery allows the users to work for more extended periods without any hindrance. Maffel P1CC jigsaw will support you throughout your projects without losing battery.

iv): Precision

Maffel Precision
Source: timberwolftools.com

The precision of this jigsaw is immaculate. Moreover, the blades are very sharp. Hence, they can make intricate and precise cuts easily. Moreover, the motor strength also helps to increase the ease of cutting.

The addition of a dust blower and LED also help increase accuracy and precision. The blower cleans the workplace, hence increasing the visibility of the cut line. LED allows the users to work in dark and dim places.

v): Additional Features

Some additional features you get here are the ergonomic design and the versatility of this tool. The jigsaw is designed ergonomically to increase user efficiency while reducing the amount of fatigue caused by extensive use.

Moreover, it’s a very versatile tool. It is compatible with Maffel Guide Rail System and excepts T-shank blades from any other jigsaw machine too.

Maffel P1CC Precision jigsaw product image
Maffel P1cc Jigsaw
  • Motor Strength: 7-amp
  • Voltage: 110 volts
  • Wattage: 700 watts
  • Blade Type: T-shank
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Precision control: Yes
  • Angle and speed control: Yes
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  • Excellent battery power
  • Brushless motor
  • Versatile tool
  • Compatible with Maffle Guide Rail System
  • Can use T-shank blade from any tool
  • LED
  • Dust blower


  • Battery and charger are not sold with the tool
  • The tool is a bit heavy

Relevant Information

1: How to ensure safety while using Maffel P1CC Precision Jigsaw?

To make sure you are safe while using a jigsaw, consider the following:

Make sure to use a mask while cutting wood, primarily due to the large amount of dirt and debris produced.

While using a corded jigsaw, be mindful of the cord. It should not be in the way of the cut line and should be long enough to let you move around quickly. Beware of the blade. If it can cut metals, it can cut you too.

Make sure the blade is sharp enough. Old blades can go brittle and snap during the process.

2: How to choose your Maffel jigsaw blade?

There are several blades to choose from when it comes to a jigsaw. Different blades serve different purposes, so be mindful of what you choose depending on the task. Some things to consider before selecting a blade are:

Shank type: Check what kind of blade will fit in the jigsaw. The jigsaw might have a T-shank blade or a U-shank blade.

The number of teeth: Greater the number of teeth, better the cuts.

Width of the blades: Choose whether to go with a narrow or a wide blade as per the task’s requirement.

Application: Some blades are reserved for specific tasks and should just be used for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are corded jigsaws more powerful?

Ans: Yes, corded jigsaws are more powerful than cordless ones because they use AC power instead of DC, which is easier to convert into energy. They are also more powerful because they do not need to reserve any batteries.

Q2: How to use a corded jigsaw?

Ans: To use a corded jigsaw, you need a power source to plug in the machine. Other than that, you can use it is just like using a manual saw.

Q3: What are the essential things to consider while looking for a corded jigsaw?

Ans: Following are the things you need to consider before buying a corded jigsaw:

  • Motor power
  • Weight
  • Security Protocols
  • Cord length
  • Variable speed option
  • Maintenance options
  • Handle shape, style, and placement
  • Comfort

Q4: Do you push or pull a jigsaw?

Ans: Jigsaws are automatic machines. Hence you do not have to push or pull them. The blade automatically moves up and down. Advance bevel options also allow the blades to move sideways.


Our Maffel jigsaw review concluded by asserting the notion that Maffel P1CC precision jigsaw is the best Maffel jigsaw. We saw that the motor power, blade quality, and excellent precision of this jigsaw make it one of the best jigsaws in the market as of now.

People sometimes prefer ordinary jigsaws over Maffel. However, we deduced that Maffel jigsaws are better and cheaper than ordinary jigsaws. So, get yourself one quality jigsaw and make your cutting career easier and better.

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