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Best Metabo Jigsaw Review – Truly Power Packed Tool

The jigsaw’s history dates back to the 1900s, and there has been a lot of manufacturers who are crafting these power tools since then. Their fancy terminologies and features can make  

you dazzled if you are not quite familiar with them. 

Metabo is one of the best jigsaw brands that is dedicated to providing you with top-notch quality tools. Their jigsaws are reliable, durable and are able to perform laborious tasks. They come with a variety of features and specifications to shoulder all your work requirements.  

In addition, they can provide you with accurate cuts, and with their standout characteristics, they have made their way to one of the top jigsaws that are available in the market.

Some of their benefits are as follow:  
  • Easy-grip  
  • The powered battery can help you work without interruption  
  • Brushless motor that enhances your work efficiency  

In this Metabo jigsaw review, we have tried to cover all the facets of this efficient power device. It can be your perfect bet to use it for your various cutting tasks and projects.  

Comprehensive Metabo Jigsaw Review  

Comprehensive Metabo Jigsaw Review  

The Metabo HPT is a great option for professional craftsmen. It is powerful, accurate, and can cut through anything with its slimline design. This saw has the ability to both accurately cut angles or jigsaw up pieces of wood without too much trouble.   

The 36V Metabo HPT cordless jigsaw (CJ36DAQ4) has plenty to like about it. It’s well built, powerful, and comes with all the usual features that you would expect from a top-quality saw at an affordable price point.  


Metabo Jigsaw White Background
  • Includes dust blower
  • LED light for letting you cut with precision 
  • Blade type: T-Shank  
  • 45 Degree left or right 
  • 800-3500
  • 4 Orbital action modes 
  • Five years warranty 
  • 1 1/32 degree
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  • You can change blades without the help of tools 
  • Variable speed 
  • Powered battery 
  • Orbital action mode 
  • Brushless strong motor 
  • Lock-on button and it can be easily mounted on the table 
  • 36V Multivolt battery 
  • It comes with the AC/DC adaptors


  • It takes a little time to angle the blade
  • It does not include a non-marring shoe cover 

It has very few downsides. Metabo is the only company on the market to offer a universal AC/DC adaptor for their cordless tools. Their high-power technology allows them to remain ahead at all times while staying true to themselves both creatively and technically.  

i): An Extremely Powerful Saw  

The MHPT jigsaw is one of the most powerful tools you can find in the market. It can make cuts through anything with little resistance and can even work at 45-degree bevels and thick plywood boards.  

Its lightweight but durable body makes handling easy while providing great power for cutting tasks. The intuitive design of the blade guard is perfect for making cuts in 3/4-inch plywood. It makes it so easy to do wide, smooth arcs without letting you face any hassle along the way.  

ii): Easy Speed Adjustment  

 Easy Speed Adjustment   Jigsaw

The Metabo HPT offers five cutting settings to ensure that the user can easily match their needs. The slow speed of 1,400 SPM in Auto mode helps start cuts on material with curves or lines for easier access.  

Moreover, it can cut through tough materials at 3500 RPMs when you need maximized performance. Whether you are cutting through metal or wood, the Metabo HPT will give your projects that extra bit of precision. 

In addition, Metabo’s HPT Lock-On Switch is a blessing in disguise for anyone who cuts thick or tough materials. The lock-on switch allows you to make the best use of all speed adjustment settings. So, there is no need to worry about getting tired or distracted while trying to achieve accuracy with this tool.  

This feature makes Metabo jigsaw more efficient than ever.  

iii): Distinctive Ergonomics  

The Metabo jigsaw is a portable and efficient power tool that packs all of the features you want into an ergonomic body. The battery can be attached to either side, making it easy for overhead use. Moreover, its slim tube design makes it easy to grip and handle.  

The Metabo HPT saw has a textured black over mold that provides excellent traction. Furthermore, molded finger indents also allow for an easier grip, and it is easy to switch the controls with all of them being conveniently placed at your fingertips.  

iv): Compatible with 36V Battery Packs  

Compatible with 36V Battery Packs 

The Metabo HPT Jigsaw is a powerful tool that can be used for all sorts of projects, from trimming the hedges to cutting through steel. The best part about this device? It’s compatible with 36V MultiVolt batteries

It is recommended that you use a smaller 2.5 Ah battery pack. It not only keeps this heavy-duty power tool light but also provides enough juice to tackle any task you throw its way.  v):

v): Gives a User-Friendly Experience  

The lightweight and compact design of this saw make it very easy to handle. It has Power Shapers that dampen vibration, so you can cut with relative comfort even on the tightest radiuses. It undoubtedly gives a remarkably smooth and user-friendly experience.  

These tough and reliable cells provide plenty of energy without weighing you down or compromising your balance like other battery packs may do. Additionally, the Metabo HPT AC Adapter system allows users to choose between corded and portable power. 

vi): Dynamic Performance   

The 36V Metabo HPT CJ36DAQ4 jigsaw has been tested to perform the most laborious tasks. The oak is quite difficult to cut, but this Metabo jigsaw has no problem in cutting that even.  

You can even stack three red oak boards on top of each other and cut through all with full orbital action.

 The oak is quite difficult to cut, but this Metabo jigsaw has no problem in cutting that even.  

vii): Bevel Adjustment  

The MultiVolt jigsaw does not have a tool-free bevel adjustment system, but its towering design is easy and sturdy. A single Allen key screw unlocks the shoe plate for angles from 0° – 45‘. The markings are clear on both sides with degree indicators that make them perfect for accurate cuts in wood or steel.  

You need not be worried if you do not have a wrench on hand. The Metabo HPT jigsaw includes an Allen wrench with the tool, and it can be stored in an onboard slot when not needed or removed from the base plate entirely if preferred.  


Q1: Does Metabo HPT cordless jigsaw have a dust blower?  

Ans: Yes, this power tool comes with a dust blower. It dusts off the debris and makes your work smooth and seamless without any interruption.  

Q2: What kind of blade does Metabo jigsaw have?

Ans: Metabo HPT jigsaw uses the T-shank blade type. It is sharp enough to cut through any surface with precision and accuracy. 

Q3: Is Metabo jigsaw user-friendly?  

Ans: It is a highly user-friendly tool that comes with an easy-to-grip handle. Moreover, it has power shapers that can absorb the vibrations. It can easily let you work even with the tightest radius. 

Q4:Which feature makes Metabo jigsaw distinguished from other power tools? 

Ans: Metabo jigsaw is the most powered tool available in the market. It works like a beast, and its powerful and strong performance makes it stand out in the competition. 

Q5: What are jigsaws used for? 

Ans: Jigsaws are the power tools that are used for cutting stocks. They are highly reliable for piercing through the material in different shapes and curves. They are the must-have tools for craftsmen and woodcutters. 

The Final Take-Away  

With so many options available in the market, it can get quite overwhelming to find the best jigsaw for your projects. To spare you from any hassle, we have provided you with the Metabo jigsaw review.  

The 36V Metabo HPT is the best that you can have. It is a high-powered tool and provides you with sheer precision and smoothness in cutting. It is a lightweight tool with minimum vibration, which ensures that you complete your project seamlessly.  

Metabo jigsaw is considered the best tool in the world of the power tool. Its powerful battery and brushless motor give you a wholesome experience. With this jigsaw, you will not be facing any kind of challenge during your cutting operation.  

Do not go for any sup-par tool in the market. If you want your project to be done smoothly, then Metabo HPT jigsaw is for you.   

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