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 Best Silverline Jigsaw for Precise Cutting (DIY 350W)

When it comes to cutting wood, metal, or any challenging surface, there is no other choice but a robust jigsaw that works efficiently. These are the electrical power gadgets that are our top choice for various cutting and slicing jobs. 

Even if you are not good at such tasks, you can use them for DIY jobs with a bit of carefulness. They are essential for specialist wood-cutters and also service providers. However, with different jigsaws offered in the market, it typically becomes hard and testing to select the finest one. 

Silverline is a name of trust in the world of power-cutting devices. It has redefined quality by producing jigsaws that are reputable in regards to efficiency. Additionally, their jigsaws are the top choice for their precision in making cuts.  

Read this detailed Silverline Jigsaw review for the best guidance. 

Key Points to Keep in Mind Before Starting  

Before you start discovering the fantastic features of this jigsaw, some points must be in your mind. To give you an overview, below are a few of the most prominent benefits that this fantastic Silverline DIY 350W jigsaw can offer for various tasks: 

✔️ It has a comfortable hold for tireless cutting 

✔️ Designed for precise cutting 

✔️ It comes with ample power 

✔️ Much less in weight that makes it a handy tool 

✔️ An ergonomic handle and clear blade guard makes it a perfect choice 

✔️ Moreover, it has an inner hex key and carbon brushes 

It is clear from the specifications mentioned earlier, Silverline Jigsaw perfectly suits any cutting needs for professional and DIY jobs. It can easily be considered among specialist power devices. Its quality is top-notch and a highly reliable power tool.  


If you do not have enough time to browse the whole review, here are the most important specs for a single glimpse. We are using Silverline DIY 350W Jigsaw for the perfect elaboration of trademark specs: 

Silverline Jigsaw With White Background
Silverline DIY 350W Jigsaw
    • IP Rating: IPX0
    • Power: 350W
    • Weight: 1.36kg
    • No Load Speed: 2800/min
    • Electric Motor: 350W single-speed
    • Cut Capacity – Max: 55mm for wood
    • Reducing angle: An array of 0-45 ° L/R
    • Blades: Suitable with T-shank & U-shank blades
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Features – Apart Silverline Jigsaws 

Our review is not over yet; we have many traits of this fantastic tool to discuss yet. So, continue reading to know more about how the various top-of-the-line products by Silverline can make your cutting tasks easy.  

Silverline jigsaw can be the best bet for experts looking to obtain their tasks done flawlessly. They have included all the essential features to help artisans complete their tasks efficiently.  

If you are not clear whether to select this tool for your next cutting job, here is a detailed overview of its most prominent features. A thorough study of this Silverline Jigsaw review will save you from any inconvenience when searching for the most effective jigsaw

i): Soft Grip & Cutting Experience 

silverline jigsaw Sof Grip

Whenever we consider cutting or slicing tools, the handle is the pivot of attraction. It is the central part of any power tool that must be designed for easy usage. Silverline Jigsaw is packed with this feature. In addition, its soft-grip handle makes it an excellent acquisition for your toolbox. 

ii): Distinguished Stroke Rate 

It supplies a stroke rate of 3000 SPM with an outstanding per inch size. In addition, this high-speed, mid-range saw has Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) that minimizes hand exhaustion and gives a far better experience for the individual. 

iii): Blade Angle for Variable Cuts 

It has a Blade Angle with a 4-Position pendulum action. It is best to cut any surface with precision. That is the reason professionals usually prefer it over other contemporary tools. The high spec Silverline Laser Jigsaw is an essential device for swift, bent and interior reducing jobs.  

iv): Accurate Cutting Experience with Laser Guide 

silverline Jigsaw

710W Laser Jigsaw by Silverline is an excellent example in this regard. No need to mention, it is best suitable for electric outlets or openings in worktops, timber, and steel. The main reason behind all that functionality is its laser-guided 3-position pendulum

If you have not utilized laser assistance previously, you will swiftly value how beneficial this feature is for accomplishing cut precision. The laser light beam will assist you in leading the blade specifically as required to create excellent outcomes. It also saves you a great deal of time and energy. 

v): Variable Rate Bevel Capacity 

With its 45° flexible bevel plate, variable-rate capacity, the fully-featured Silverline Laser Jigsaw is the best choice. It will satisfy your cutting requirements at every degree. Moreover, the optimum reducing ability of 10mm in steel and 80mm in timber makes it one of its kind. 

vi): Triple Action Pendulum Activity 

Models like Silverline Laser Jigsaw 710W provide a 3-position pendulum activity. In it, the blade swings back and forth during its operation. This included movement enables the jigsaw to cut much faster, decreases jamming, and expands the blade’s life. 

The 3-position setup permits excellent modification of the pendulum activity to fit the product. In addition, the base plate can be slanted and secured at any angle, approximately 45 °, for exact bevel cutting. 

vii): Safety Guard Option for Added Protection 

silverline Jigsaw Safety Guard

Additionally, the apparent safety and security guard shields the user. It is best while make sure the blade stays plainly in view at all times. With variable cutting rates, it makes it possible for close control. It also helps optimal rate adjustment to fit the thickness of the product you are reducing. 

viii): Three Years Guarantee  

Last but not the least, most of the Silverline jigsaws are ensured warranty for 30 days from the day of acquisition. You can sign up for your 3 Year warranty by registering your item online.  

Any malfunctioning tool will undoubtedly be fixed or changed at no cost. It is the leverage that only a few jigsaw manufacturers provide you.  

Laser Safety Guidelines for Silverline Jigsaws 

The laser utilized in this gadget is a Course 2 laser with optimal power of ≤ 1mW and also a wavelength of 650mm. Though there is a safety manual provided with it yet for your convenience, some of the tips are as under: 

  • These lasers do not generally provide an optical danger, although looking at the beam of light might trigger flash loss of sight. 
  • Avoid straight eye contact with the beam. 
  • The laser will be utilized as well as kept based on the manufacturer’s directions – do not turn on the laser light up until the device prepares to cut.  
  • Never intend the light beam at anyone, as well as specifically not right into the eyes of any individual or pet, or any things apart from the work surface. 


Q1: How can you fix plate on the Silverline jigsaw?  

Ans: The plate can be raised with the end of the blade to disclose the dimension of the opening. The blade can, after that, be placed as well as tightened up satisfactorily. 

Q2: Do jigsaws have adjustable depth? 

Ans: Most jigsaws have the ability to cut up to 2 inches of depth in woodworking projects, and for metal they can cut up to 1/2 inch. However, there are jigsaws that can cut deeper than that, but the deeper the depth will be, there will be more chances of blades to get bend during work. 

Q3: What is a laser jigsaw? 

Ans: The Laser Jigsaw is a handy device for swift as well as the exact conclusion of straight, bent, and interior reducing jobs, consisting of reducing openings for electric outlets or openings in worktops, in timber as well as steel. 

Q4: Why my jigsaw does not cut properly?  

Ans: Your jigsaw might not be cutting as per your expectations because of over-usage. In addition, elements such as blade clamps can additionally get harmed over the time.  

Q5: What is the direction of jigsaw blades? 

Ans: A typical jigsaw blade has teeth aiming upwards to reduce the blade’s upstroke. Therefore, it is the ideal selection for all-purpose cutting. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a DIY geek or a professional, the field of power devices is not easy to ponder. There is so much variety that the seasoned craftsmen would get confused for a while. However, many devices types and attributes can be tested for novices to locate one of the ideal devices.  

Silverline DIY 350W Jigsaw is among the most influential power device brand names because it’s challenging, smooth, and practical. The power of this device beams via in all locations from the professional top do-it-yourself tasks.  

It is relatively simple to deal with since it is lightweight with an ergonomic handle. Therefore, it is the very best purchase for both expert artisans as well as beginners. If you desire a power device that is solid and effective with incredibly comfortable designs, it is a perfect choice. 

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