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Best Skil Jigsaw Review – Most Affordable 2023

The primary goal of getting a jigsaw isn’t just to make some straight cuts. Instead, a jigsaw is a functional tool that can cut various materials such as wood, ceramic tiles, and even PVC. Therefore, it’s better to buy one after reading the SKIL Jigsaw reviews.  

Now, SKIL is one top-rated brand in the field of power tools. Their range of jigsaws has always been known for their quality and accuracy. However, they have so many offerings in their line-up that you can quickly get confused. 

But don’t worry, we have compiled these SKIL jigsaw reviews exclusively for those who want the best of the lot. In this review, you’ll get to know about different aspects of the SKIL jigsaw.  So, let’s dive in.  

Best SKIL Jigsaw Review & Ratings  

Product Summary

DesignPower FeaturesPromising Add-Ons
Stylish Color Combination120V Copper Winding Motor4-Position Orbital Setting
D Shaped Handle6 amp PowerLED Light Guide
Custom Molded  BladeStroke Rate: 800-3200 SPMKeyless Blade Change
Stable Foot Rest Low Price

I): Design 

Skil Jigsaw Design

The SKIL 4495-02 has a great design and overall build. It packs one attractive design that can quickly grab the attention of the majority. The usual red plus black combo with that SKIL logo looks excellent. 

The branded combination itself enhances the looks by a significant margin. Now, coming to the build, it’s all plastic but a good one. The benefit of the plastic material here is that it doesn’t get swirls and scratches. So, all in all, from the design point of view, things are all good here. 

II): Ease of Use 

In this regard, you won’t be disappointed with the SKIL 4495-02 jigsaw. This is simply because it packs in some cool, convenient features. For instance, its laser guidance feature helps you make some sharp cuts with ease.  

Further, there is an LED present for illuminating in the dark. When you use the jigsaw in dim lighting, this tiny light can come in handy. Also, the ergonomic design and convenient handle make the jigsaw a breeze to use. 

So, no matter the type of material, this jigsaw will help you cut in the right direction, even in dark conditions. Naturally, therefore, SKIL jigsaws are famous for their outstanding performance.  

III): Power Output 

Power Output skil jigsaw

Powering the 4495-02 is a 6-ampere rated electric motor. Here the quality copper winding makes the motor efficiency. No matter the material type, it has ample torque to deal with it. For a jigsaw, it’s the stroke rate that matters. 

In this case, you get a 3200 SPM (Stroke per minute) rating. However, the minimum rating is 800 SPM. So, we can conclude that the SPM ranges from 800-3200. Given the price, such figures are impressive. 

IV): Durability 

The durability aspect here is also something really to brag about. SKIL is the manufacturer that focuses on offering the best quality jigsaws to its customers. They are aware that an average professional cannot pay a hefty amount for a professional jigsaw.  

Therefore, even their affordable offerings have features that you won’t expect from an affordable jigsaw. SKIL 4495-02 is no exception in this regard. 

It packs a 120 V motor that is copper winded despite the low-price tag. Moreover, the blade set you get in the box is quite good. Being a branded jigsaw, you’ll be surprised by the fit and finish of this jigsaw. So, it’s a durable offering; you can count on it for your next project.  

V): Ideal for whom? 

Skil Jigsaw Ideal for whom

That’s quite a difficult question? With a comprehensive feature set, it is not easy to define it for one particular class. Anyhow, both amateurs and professionals can use this jigsaw for any of their projects. Therefore, it is one high-selling tool compared to its competitors. 

The reason for recommending it for anyone is that it is well built and performs adequately well no matter the material. 

Further, it’s an easy-to-use tool and doesn’t require any prior experience. So, no matter the experience level, you are going to love its functionality.  

VI): Key Features 

  • Excellent Precision:  
    With its 4-position orbital setting, you know you are all covered when it comes to adjusting its blade speed. In addition, it gives you the flexibility to adjust the speed according to the type of material. 
  • Power That Matters:  
    A 6-amp motor power the SKIL jigsaw. So, cutting plywood, thin metal, and wood shouldn’t be an issue. 
  • Molded  
    event the blade from damaging the material, SKIL 4495-02 is custom molded. So, safety isn’t compromised here despite the low-price tag. 
  • Laser Guide: 
    The built-in laser guide helps to cut different materials with better accuracy and precision.  


 Skill Jigsaw with White Background
  • Power Source:Corded Electric
  • Voltage Rating:120 V
  • SPM:3200 (Max)
  • Stroke Length: 0.7 inches
  • Dimensions:12.2 x 3.5 x 9.8 inches
  • Orbital Action:4- Way
  • Weight:5 lbs. 
  • Bevel Cut:45°
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Positive & Negative Features


  • Excellent Value
  • Hard to beat, give the price
  • 6-amp powerful motor
  • It comes with two free blades
  • 4-way orbital saw setting
  • Convenient to use


  • Wear and tears signs appear a bit earlier.

Box Contents

Jigsaw  2 * U shank blades User manual  

How to Choose the Best Jigsaw? – (Buying Guide)  

Here is what it takes to buy an ideal jigsaw that can outperform the other offerings. 

i): Define Your Convenience  

Convenience should be your primary factor before opting for any jigsaw. For example, you don’t want to invest in a heavy tool, and it is tough to operate. So instead, opting for a well-built and easy-to-use tool is what matters. 

In this case, the SKIL jigsaw we reviewed is one convenient and easy-to-use power saw. It has got the feature set to impress professionals and woodcutters. So, if you want to buy one for yourself, never overlook the ease to use factor. 

ii): Power Rating  

Whether it’s a corded jigsaw or the cordless one, both are backed by an electric motor. Now, this electric motor has ampere ratings. So, it would help if you chose the jigsaw that offers an ampere rating of more than 5. 

The more the power, the less time it’ll take to cut any specific material. Moreover, a powerful tool gives you that peace of mind. When you have a powerful jigsaw, you can cut any material the way you want. 

Skil JigsawPower Rating

iii): Corded Vs Cordless

Two types of jigsaws are the most common: corded ones and super convenient cordless ones. Now, as we just spoke out, the cordless jigsaws are super convenient. Yes, they are, as you don’t have to carry that extra cord for powering it up. 

You get a reasonably beefy size battery with the cordless models. As there is no cord, you can take such jigsaws neatly everywhere. Moreover, other features such as LED light and easy blade replacement are part of cordless models. 

On the other hand, the cordless jigsaws are just like the typically powered saw used to cut different materials. However, the power output of the corded jigsaws is better as compared to its counterparts. 

iv): The Durability   

Okay, so you’ve spent a hefty amount on a jigsaw, but is it a durable one? No idea? That’s where things can get messy. So, it’s essential to buy a durable jigsaw. In this regard, you should get the branded jigsaws. 

The branded ones are tried and tested models, they won’t disappoint you with their quality build and extensive features set. Moreover, such saws are also backed by a limited warranty. So, you know your investment is secure. 

Further, you can judge the durability of a jigsaw by verifying its specs. The materials, quality of blades, and motor are also factors to consider.  

v): Price 

In the end, it’s the pricing that can make or break a deal for you. So, it’s better to be familiar with the fact not all feature-packed jigsaws are expensive. Again, you should know your budget range. Defining a budget range is also a good option. 

Anyhow, the price is an important deciding factor for many. So, if you know your price range, you are good to make a purchase. 

How to Use a Jigsaw Safely? 

How to Use a Jigsaw Safely

Many people assume that there is no need to take safety measures into account before using a jigsaw. But unfortunately, they all are wrong. Here is how you can safely use a jigsaw. 

i): Read the User Manual 

Ans: Reading the user manual before operating a jigsaw can’t be emphasized more. It’s essential if you want to make the best out of your jigsaw. So, read it out and get to know how each button on your newly unboxed jigsaw works. 

With such an approach, you can avoid hazardous incidents. Therefore, reading the user manual is helpful. 

ii): Wear Proper Safety Gear 

Ans: Safety gear can help you avoid any uncertain situation while using the jigsaw. The blades of these modern-day saws are pretty sharp. So, if you are wearing safety gloves, goggles, and boots, you are protected. 

Without wearing such gear, you might not get that much-needed protection. So, beware of this fact. 

iii): Avoid Wearing Loose Clothes 

Ans: Now, this point may seem quite ordinary, but you have to tick all the boxes for optimum protection. So, avoid wearing loose clothes simply because loose clothes can be hazardous. 

iv): Workpiece Should Be fixed 

The workpiece, let’s say wood, should be fixed before you turn on your jigsaw. Why is that so? It is simple; you want to avoid any mishaps during the sawing process. So, ensure that whether it is wood or thin metal, it is fixed properly. 


So, the SkiL Jigsaw review is all about the best offering from this brand. The model we reviewed is an excellent value for your money. The features you get for a minimal cost are excellent. Moreover, it has ample power to cut any material. 

In short, if you are on a budget and want a quality saw, get the SKIL 4495-02. Its extensive feature will not disappoint you. 

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